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Our League of Legends team Hydra is undergoing a line-up change. Team leader Switzerland Robin 'TheNonsense' Renggli is stepping down from to team to focus more on his function as a manager of the BEV League of Legends section, as well as helping with the overall management of the clan. Both the team and BEV TheNonsense are very happy to announce Switzerland Patrick 'Kummerkasten ' Huber as the new player for the team.

Binary Evasion starts into the month of April with a brand new Swiss League of Legends team. After it came to our League of Legends manager Switzerland TheNonsense's notice that the Swiss player Switzerland Sandro 'Sharper' Nowoczinbecame a free agent, he asked him to form a new team under our name. Switzerland Sandro 'Sharper' Nowoczin impressed our Hydra team with his strong performances in recent tournaments and also showed to have both the mindset and the motivation to fit the role of a teamcaptain. The search for the right players has now come to an end and we are pleased to announce our new League of Legends team: Phoenix.
It hasn't been looking good for our League of Legends team Hydra lately. Ever since the semi-Spanish star player Mosucra left the team after it was revealed that he was secretly living a double life (BEV does not support the use of any illegal substances), the performances have been lacking. As a clan we pride ourselves in being honest and transparent with our fans and sponsors, so here's an elaboration on what has happened over the last couple months, and what steps will be taken to hopefully create a better future for both Binary Evasion and team Hydra alike.
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We are pleased to introduce our new German CS:GO team! Consisting of 10 experienced players, the team plans to compete in off- and online events under the name of Binary Evasion. Several of the teams members have been playing together for as long as five years, promising cohesion and team spirit. With a clearly defined structure (seven starters, two stand-ins and a manager), they hope to do well in the “Starladder”, ESL and the ESEA, as well as making a name for themselves at LANs. All of the teammembers are located in the area of Nordrhein-Westfalen, which further benefits cooperation and interaction amongst the players.

Binary Evasion is very proud to present the software development company CanDev as a new sponsor for the year 2014. After a successful cooperation during the year 2013 both parties agreed to move on to the next step and push the partnership to a new level.

We are very thankful to CanDev for the trust they put in us and we welcomes them in our big Binary Evasion family.